Health, Life, Wellness and Prosperity Economics!

HealthCare and You practices Health, Life, Wellness and Prosperity Economics.  We believe that health, wellness and financial planning are inter-related and looking at them separately does not paint the “whole picture”.

Our insurance solutions are designed to take you from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future.  Our strategies protect you, your family, your business, your employees and your money.

We offer cost effective insurance strategies that reduce out of pocket medical costs and they build a powerful wall of a protection around your health and financial well being. Our solutions also allow you to bank your own Brilliant Retirement Strategy, without the ups and downs of the Stock Market or the risks of Wall Street.

HealthCare and You works with clients at any income level, this includes individuals, families, small business owners and their employees.

Prosperity Growth Improvement Process Research Concept

The Strategy of Health, Life, Wellness and Prosperity Economics Represents:

  • Healthcare – Optimal healthcare coverage while reducing out of pocket expenses.
  • Life – Protecting youself and your family in the case of catastrophe or death.
  • Wellness – Being preventive & making informed decisions regarding your health & wellness.
  • Prosperity Economics – substantial upside annual returns, no capital loss protection, increased cash flow, liquidity, reduced tax, decreased debt, living benefits, lifetime retirement income and flexible death benefits.

For HealthCare and You, bold health insurance options that bring down the yearly medical cost of an individual, family, employee or employer is the catalyst for our Health, Life Wellness and Prosperity Economics strategy.  This strategy allows you keep more of your money and put it where it can work overtime earning more income for you.

HealthCare and You has also designed a variety of hybrid Small Business Health Insurance Solutions and Modified Group Healthcare Insurance Plans. HealthCare and You health insurance solutions combine health insurance with managed employee health insurance services.  Our costs saving employee health insurance solutions deliver better health benefits, increased plan choices, personalized service, lower premiums and reduced administrative costs.  The savings as compared to traditional group health insurance plans are substantial as much as 60%.  We are also experts at Covered California SMB health plans.

HealthCare and You provides professionally managed group health administrative options such as (HRA) Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements for Groups, (PRA) Premium Reimbursement Arrangements, (FSA) Flexible Spending Account, (POP) Premium Only Plan,  (DCAP) Dependent Care Assistance Plan, Section 105 HRA for Self Employed and 125 Cafeteria Plans. These options offer additional cost reductions when implemented in conjunction with group health insurance plans. We also offer ERISA compliance solutions.

Our proprietary cloud based Employer Insurance Benefit Technology allows us to build a small business health insurance benefit profile in minutes, adjust input calculations on the fly and deliver an accurate healthcare cost savings estimate in minutes.  Let’s see how much your company can save!


Health, Life, Wellness and Prosperity Economics a single related lifetime process that guides, protects and builds wealth. HealthCare and You believes that this journey starts as soon as you are making an income, continues throughout adulthood, starting a family, turning 65, retirement and end of life.  Our solution is a partnership with our clients that helps them successfully navigate this journey and ultimately reach their retirement goals.

Our agents are appointed by most major insurance carriers. HealthCare and You agents are also certified by Covered California and are Affordable Care Act compliant. We are experts at crafting affordable health insurance solutions that are the catalyst for our Health, Life, Wellness and Prosperity Economics strategies.

Our experienced staff members can outfit you with tailored solutions for:

 Our Main Office serves Southern California
Carson, Compton, Costa Mesa, Downey, Gardena, Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Inglewood, Irvine, Lakewood, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, San Pedro and Torrance

Though we are a California based health insurance agency, we have licensed agents practicing Health, Life, Wellness and Prosperity Economics across the US.

HealthCare and You is not your typical insurance agency, we provide health and life insurance solutions that no other insurance agency offers.

We pride ourselves on offering attentive and responsive customer support to all of our clients. At HealthCare and You, the ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships with each of our clients so that HealthCare and You may continue providing excellent service for many years to come.

Our Mission is to introduce the world to Health, Life, Wellness and Prosperity Economics.
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